GAPS Intro Pancakes

The GAPS™ Intro Diet is a jump start for healing & soothing your digestive tract. For instance it’s one of the fastest ways to stop issues like diarrhea and takes nourishment to a whole new level. Those with stubborn issues doing Full GAPS™, often have success doing a round of Intro.

There are six precise stages, with #1 basically including boiled veggies, meats, broths, & probiotic foods. Each stage adds more foods in, until you have reached the level of Full GAPS™.

Stage 1 & 2 can seem pretty limiting, but Stage 3 allows for the introduction of nutbutter/squash pancakes. Believe me, they taste amazing when you’ve been eating just soup all day. (They actually taste pretty good otherwise too)

Here is the pancake recipe that we used when our family went through the GAPS™ Intro Diet. They also make nutrient dense, yummy snacks. (Recipe inspired by the Grain-Free Foodies)



GAPS Intro Pancakes

  • Author: Melanie Christner - Honest Body
  • Yield: 6 1x
  • Category: Breakfast



  • 1 cup cooked & pureed squash (I generally use butternut, cut into chunks, & simmered in broth or water until soft)
  • 1 cup nutbutter (such as almond)
  • 5 eggs (yolks & whites divided)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. With a mixer, beat the egg whites until fluffy.
  2. With either a food processor or an immersion blender & large bowl, blend the egg yolks, squash, nutbutter & salt until smooth.
  3. Then gently fold this mixture into the egg whites until blended together.
  4. I recommend frying on a well-seasoned cast iron griddle over low heat. These pancakes can be prone to burning if the temperature is hot.

28 thoughts on “GAPS Intro Pancakes”

  1. Made these today with pumpkin and peanut butter. What a hit! The whole family loved them. Definitely cook on low as the recipe recommends. They are slow to cook but turn out excellent. I think these could really work as sandwich bread.

    1. Melanie Christner


      There are a number of egg-less recipes in the Gut & Psychology Book. Also, have you ever tried duck eggs? Often these can be tolerated when chicken eggs cannot. Good luck!

    1. Melanie Christner

      Hi Crystal,

      There are a number of articles and videos on the web, just make sure that they are not adding sugar and junky vegetable oils. Here’s a link you can check out:

      Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Melanie Christner

    Hi Theresa,

    Are you referring to peanut butter? The recipe calls for nutbutter…you can use peanut butter instead, if you wish.

    Thank you,

    1. Melanie Christner

      Hi Michelle,

      That was a typo, thanks for catching it…the nutbutter goes in the batter with the egg yolks, salt, & squash.


  3. Do you use organic nut butter? Initially, it says to use organic, but in the back, where it talks about babies and GAPS (I am using GAPS with my baby), it just says “nut butter.”

      1. Hi, Kelsie,

        is honey allowed with the pancake in the introduction ? also how long they can last after cooke them , can i keep them in the fridge for the next day ?

        thank you

        1. Melanie Christner

          Hello Suhair,

          A small amount of honey could be blended with melted ghee or coconut oil and drizzled over the pancakes. Just a small amount during Intro though.

          Thank you,

  4. These look very good! Do you know if the nutbutter can be roasted on gaps intro? I have not found any unroasted except one brand that is peanut. I would love to use others besides peanut though.

    1. Melanie Christner

      Hi Tavy,

      Roasted nutbutter is not allowed, but an alternative is to put approximately the same amount of soaked nuts into your food processor with the other ingredients (minus egg whites) and mix that way.


  5. Thanks for answering! I have a couple more questions if you don’t mind answering. Do you know if it is ok to roast the squash? At what point can roasted vegetables be introduced? And can coconut butter and flour be used on intro? I am about to start pancakes!

    1. Melanie Christner

      Hi Tavy,

      Coconut butter and flour can’t be used on Intro, no. It’s best to simmer the squash for this recipe. I cut squash into chunks and simmer on stock myself.

    1. Melanie Christner

      Hi Crissy,

      Thanks for the question. Yes, you can make them with just egg yolks and squash…it will be different in texture, but doable.


  6. Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for sharing!!

    My daughter is not yet ready to tolerate any kind of nuts. What can I use as a substitute so that I get the similar texture.


  7. Don’t know if you are still blogging. I went off of the GAPS diet after getting better several years ago. Just had a lot of stress and a gut flareup that sent me to the ER. Fortunately I got out of there without anyone cutting on me. 🙂 I am now starting back on the GAPS diet. Really enjoying your blog posts and recipes! Will head out for Whole Foods tomorrow to buy more ingredients. Thanks!

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